is it… it IS the chinese steve nash! | dan & joanne

Dan's best man began his toast with a simple sports analogy: In the NBA the best players aren't the ones who make the most points, or get all the stats, or even the glory. No.  The truly great players are the ones who make their teammates better.

We all "mmmmHmmmm'd" in agreement.

Dan is the type of person whose concern is always others over himself--as proved by the unexpected Starbucks coffee and Jimmy John's sandwiches for not only the entire bridal party, but for everyone working the morning of their wedding. This kind of thinking will get you far in life and do wonders for your marriage.

The speech would climax when the Dan's best man likened him to one of his favorite NBA players.  Now, we may never be able to say that we've met a great sports figure--but it was a great privilege to be able to capture this story.

Congratulations to the stunning bride, Joanne, and her husband--the great, Chinese Steve Nash :D