inspire to think | how it ends

What might have been is an abstractionRemaining a perpetual possibility Only in a world of speculation. -Burnt Norton, T.S. Eliot

Something I often find myself thinking about is the concept of time--not in the Back to the Future // LOST // Inception sense of the word--all worthy candidates of thought--but rather this idea that time is both perpetual and brief. What are we to make of our time in light of the limited amount we are given?

We wanted to put something together to provoke thought about that very question, and this past weekend, we were given an opportunity to do so.

We showcased our new piece at Entrusted Talents: The Show--the organizers behind the event invited various artists to perform @ Foellinger Auditorium on the University of Illinois Campus, and we were graciously invited to create something to start off the evening.

This piece afforded us the opportunity and freedom to create something very personal--an opportunity to express our beliefs, to create something broader in scope, to push the boundaries of what we've done thus far--and yet, like all of our films, something that would carry much of its weight in its subtleties.  A lot of this piece is beautifully [and painstakingly]  shot, but I believe there is much more to be said about all the little things found in the layers of subtext.

It would be great if people enjoyed this film on an aesthetic level--after all, we put in some serious hours on this one. However, our hope is that the visuals we produced ultimately lead to and inspire thought.

We're quite curious to hear yours.