what makes a house a home | mikey & becky

Mikey and Becky's wedding marked our final wedding of 2010. The idea for their Portrait Film was based off of Mikey's proposal to Becky--he authored a storybook for her where, in the end, the main character, "Mecky", confessed his love for "Bikey" and told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

We asked Mikey to put his writing talent to the test again and author another piece that was a reflection of the two of them. He wrote this little poem of sorts entitled, What Makes a House a Home? We were invited into their home to put visual legs to the piece.

The Portrait Film played at their reception and both Becky and Mikey enjoyed it for the first time along with all their guests. Just as they let us into their home and gave their guests at their reception a glimpse into their life, I'm confident they wouldn't mind inviting you into the home they've begun to make for themselves either.