not even a flood | vlad & tamara

What do you do when a thunderstorm brings an impromptu flood, a standstill on all the major highways to and from the city, and causes the groom to be 3 hours late to his own wedding? You drink some homemade plum brandy and dance, that's what.

Early in the day, things were a little tense. News reports were coming in about the highways, calling to question whether or not guests would be able to make it out to the ceremony. Things got even more tense when we were caught in grid-locking, re-routing traffic. But despite the sheer madness of the day, Vlad and Tamara still managed to get married.

The rain brought about the makings of a less-than-ideal wedding day, but nothing could or would diminish the meaning of the day for this couple, their family, and their guests--and by the looks of things, not even a flood could stop their celebration.

This Highlight has a more reflective feel and tone to it, and rightly so, seeing as how such a crazy start ended with such a beautiful finish.

*On a side note, no matter how much you plan ahead, there will always be the offhand chance that something unpredictable could happen. It could be the weather, it could be things running behind schedule--whatever it is, it certainly doesn't have to dictate the outcome of the day. Rather than letting those things bog you down, embrace it, and let the story unfold. Who knows--some mighty good lemonade may come from those lemons :]

Location: Chicago, IL | Ceremony Venue: New Gračanica Monastery | Reception Venue: Royal Gardens | Wedding Photography: Vergil Magsino