happy boy happy girl | neil + caili

During our pre-wedding Skype session with Neil and Caili, we felt like we got a good sense of how their wedding day would play out. In the morning, Neil would start with a groomsmen hangout while Caili and the bridesmaids got ready at the hotel. Afterwards, they would do a first-look, followed by a photo session, afternoon ceremony, and evening reception--the logistics seemed simple enough.

But so much of the wedding day isn't just about getting a sense for the logistics. For us, it's about getting to understand the couple, because understanding the couple affects how we approach filming the day. So, we asked Caili and Neil a simple question: what do you do during your free time? While the question usually yields standard answers such as "we like to eat" or "we like to go to the movies", Neil and Caili's answer was a little different.

"We're kind of sentimental--we enjoy the little things. We like to have themed date nights. You know, if we cook Mexican food, we'll play music and dress up, wear hats, that sort of thing."

We continued our conversation and found so much more than whether the cake cutting would take place before or after the speeches. We learned about two people who revel in the small things and turn even the most simple moments into significant ones.

Yes, we felt like we got a good sense of how their wedding day would play out. We had a good sense that we'd be filming two people in love. We had a good sense that their love was going to saturate the day. We had a good sense we were in for something special.

Location: Naperville, IL | Reception Venue: Arista Hotel | Wedding Photography: Kenny Kim