today he is. today she is. | jalpa & khilan

Hello, friends. Sure is good to see you again :] We've kept ourselves pretty busy these days. Over the course of the next few weeks, we hope to share with you all the stories we've heard, the people we've met, and the places we've been. For starters, let's say hello to Jalpa + Khilan.

We have to give some major kudos to Jalpa for coming prepared when she sat down to meet us. Of course we spent time getting to know her, and getting to know Khilan through her [the two had a long distance relationship as he was working out on the east coast at the time]. Jalpa took the getting-to-know-us phase to a new level by schooling us on Southeast Indian wedding culture. We still have that multi-page printout, Jalpa!

Prior to this meeting, what we knew about Indian weddings was that most spanned several days, some involved live animals, and all were very festive. After meeting Jalpa...well... Mendhi, Vidhi, Pithi, Garba, Raas, Jaan, Vidai--oh, she taught us well.


It was our first three-day Indian affair and it did not disappoint. Beautiful colors, festive ceremonies, live music, and a horse. We couldn't think of a better film to start things off than this one.

Location: Schaumburg & Itasca, IL | Reception Venue:Westin Chicago Northwest | Wedding Photography:Joseph Kang