we are the lucky ones | anna & chris

We remember meeting with Anna and Chris for coffee back in November, over Thanksgiving break. Prior to our meeting, Anna informed us that videography on her wedding day was a must. She was looking for someone who would be able to capture all the moments that she might otherwise miss. After getting to know Anna and Chris and hearing about what they were looking forward to on their wedding day, we felt in our hearts that we wanted to do something special for them. At the meeting, the two had inquired about whether or not we do SDE's [same day edits] because they were looking to share something special with their guests.

At the time, SDE's were not something we were comfortable doing--as a fledgling company, and as staunch perfectionists, we were still working on our story-telling, composition, and editing skills, and felt that SDE's weren't something we could venture into just yet.

However, if there was ever a good reason to create an SDE, now would be it. So we planned, prepped, took the leap, and created this surprise SDE for Anna and Chris to enjoy at their reception with their guests, friends, and family.

And so, we would like to share with you our very first SDE. We're very proud of how their story, and this film, turned out. Just being able to capture even the smallest of moments, such as Anna putting on her mom's makeup, was a privilege for us because we knew that those small moments would have a very special place in Anna and Chris's hearts.

As their officiant said in her opening remarks, "We are the lucky ones to be witnesses to and surrounded by their beautiful love story."

Location: Chicago, IL | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Loews Chicago O'Hare | Hair: Livia Caporale | Floral: Tina and Dollie | Wedding Photography: Melissa Diep Photography