yes, of course | ruth & kenny

In our previous post, I mentioned that we reached a milestone last weekend when cut together our very first wedding SDE {same day edit}.  For us, it was one of those watershed moments—I believe Oprah refers to it as an “ah-ha moment”. Everything that we learned about lens choice, composition, story telling, and editing, came together in a fast-paced, sweat inducing, adrenaline pumping way. The result was a film that we were pretty proud of, and something we were more than excited to share at Chris and Anna’s reception.

After their wedding, it would have been a good point to pause and breathe a sigh of relief for having hustled hard. However, we were only able to catch our breath. You see, we would repeat the process the very next day, and kick off our wedding season with back-to-back SDE’s.

Back in November, when our friend Kenny asked us if we would film his proposal, the thought had crossed our minds about how neat it would be to cut together footage from his proposal with footage from his wedding day. Kenny hadn't yet spoken to us about shooting his wedding and we certainly weren’t trying to be at all presumptuous, thinking that he would hire us. We were just letting our imaginations run for a little bit—we saw how the proposal and their wedding day act almost like bookends to their story.

Thankfully, Kenny and Ruth DID end up hiring us for their wedding day, thus setting the wheels in motion for us to take some creative steps in telling their story and surprising them with an SDE :)

Shooting a wedding and cutting together an SDE the night before Ruth and Kenny’s wedding required us to do some post-wedding work. Clearing cards, transferring and backing up footage, clearing out hard drive space—a lot of small, time-consuming, yet necessary things.

But you know what? We knew that it would be totally worth it when their SDE played at their reception.  We wanted to create an opportunity for Kenny and Ruth to relive moments from their day, feel the anticipation the other was feeling, and remember what it was like just a few months ago on the day of their proposal.

It was definitely a labor of love. For us, more love than labor. We hope you enjoy our second {and back to back} SDE. If we ask you if you liked it, we hope your response is the same as Ruth’s response to Kenny’s proposal: “Yes, of course.”

Location: Chicago, IL | Ceremony & Reception Venue: River East Arts Center | Wedding Photography: Bob & Dawn Davis and Ray Santana | Event Planning: Ryan Alexander Events | Flowers: Vale of Enna | Makeup: Sonia Roselli | Music: Monastero Entertainment