e heart m | elisa & michael

When we create a wedding film, much of our energy is spent doing a little bit of digging. For us it's important to go beyond understanding the schedule of the day, and instead, look for ways we can reflect meaningful messages through what we are capturing on film.

In Elisa and Michael's case, when we were going over their logistics, we saw that their photo session would be taking place in their backyard. On paper, it may not seem like anything of great value.  But for Elisa and Michael, it wasn't just another part of the wedding day. You see, this tree sits in the backyard of the first home that Elisa and Michael's purchased together. The plan was that Michael and his brother were going to decorate it by hand, providing a memorable and meaningful backdrop on their wedding photos. When we heard this, we realized that this wasn't just another photo session--ultimately this tree would be a symbol of their new beginning together.

On a wedding day, there are plenty of things like this that can easily be overlooked. But that's exactly what our films call attention to--the small things that often times mean so much.