a home for you | sajani & vishal

2 people, 2 cities, 800 miles, 2 charter buses, told over the course of 5 days, in a 2-act SDE (Same Day Edit). Let’s go. Act One is all about setting and explores the meaning and theme of “home.” For Vishal, Mississippi was not only a base for his business, but a place he had come to call home—a simple, quiet life, complete with friendly neighbors, and a lot of green space.  For Sajani, Chicago had been her home her whole life—family, friends, exploring the city—familiar comforts that she would soon be leaving behind to begin a new life in Mississippi.

The start of their weeklong wedding festivities also marked the start of this new beginning. Our team split up to cover both the merrymaking with Sajani's side in Chicago, and also Vishal's side in Jackson, which culminated in his family and friends filling up 2 full charter buses to make the 12-hour, 800-mile trip to Chicago.

The boarding of the bus and the arrival of Vishal in Chicago set us up for Act Two.  Sajani’s family prepared a warm welcome celebration for Vishal and his fellow sojourners, who in turn, prepared some surprise entertainment.

Their story culminated on their wedding day, with a breathtaking backdrop, ceremonies aplenty, and a poignant whisper from a groom to his bride.

Creating this SDE involved every fiber of physical and mental strength. With a rigorous travel and event schedule, we used whatever time we could to piece together the events that transpired over the course of the week, while remaining true to their story and the start of their new life together.