i love love love | allie & marc

This past weekend, we had the privilege of filming ESPN Chicago's very own Marc "Silvy" Silverman and his bride, Allie. Prior to their wedding day, Allie and Marc welcomed us into their home where we had a fun time chatting about an incident involving poor tipping, a Facebook message sent on a whim, sports, and Allie's "luuuuuuv" for "Rips" candy.  They even took us out to their rooftop deck to enjoy their amazing view of the Chicago skyline.

We knew that this film was going to be something special because we had a lot of great elements to work with. For starters, we put a lot of thought into the opening sequence. We used a sound bite from Marc's final broadcast as a single man from "The Waddle and Silvy Show." In it, you can hear his co-host and former Chicago Bears wide receiver, Tom Waddle, roast him {before congratulating him, of course}. Starting with a black screen with no visuals on top of the broadcast audio draws the viewer in and calls attention to how audio will be a big component to this film. It's also a creative nod to the fact that when you listen to ESPN Chicago on the radio, you're most likely driving through the city.

On top of this sound bite, we tied in footage of Chicago's architecture, including shots of an empty ESPN studio and Chicago's skyline from their rooftop deck. Meaningful imagery of the city they love, undercut with meaningful audio from Marc's final broadcast--we're off to a great start.

And then there were all the little stories that we were able to pick up on during the morning. Their cards to each other {note how the "smacks on the butt" reference ties into their first look}, threading together the stories of their personalized gifts and the tears they shed, Marc's excitement to hear them pronounced as "husband and wife", Allie's excitement to see Marc for the first time along Chicago's River Walk, and of course, Allie's use of the word "love" or "luuuuuuv" as she likes to say it--all of these small things made for a very compelling story.

In honor of Marc, we'll close this one out the way he closes things out: "That's a show!"

Location: Chicago, IL | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Gibsons Steakhouse | Wedding Photography: Kenny Kim Photography | Event Planning: The Little Details | Flowers: Flor Del Monte | Design: Art of Imagination | Music: Your Night Productions