flamingos. iguanas. explosions in the sky. | gina + gary

We've come to really enjoy destination weddings. Not because we get to travel--it's actually not as glamorous as it sounds! After all, hauling our heavy gear through airport security and customs isn't the most comfortable experience.


We enjoy them because people are gathered for a very specific purpose. Family, friends, and guests from all over come to celebrate, and the buzz in the air isn't just on the wedding day, but permeates through the duration of the festivities. Ultimately, the undercurrent of emotions provide for some really amazing interactions for us to capture.


Gina and Gary celebrated their wedding on the beautiful island of Aruba. Their ceremony was held in a small, colorful Catholic church, followed by a private reception on Iguana and Flamingo Beach (yes, there really were iguanas and flamingos hanging around!).

While the island was certainly a character in itself, the interactions between people throughout the day are what took center stage. We actually got to know Gina and Gary with a little help from their friends--whether through speeches, witnessing the groomsmen trade Star Wars and Marvel references with the groom, or seeing the bridesmaids' reaction to their gifts, we were able to get a glimpse into why Gina and Gary are so well loved by the people that surrounded them.


We loved being a part of their day and watching their celebration unfold. We laughed at the Han Solo jokes, gasped at the awesome gifts, and marveled at the sunset and surrounding nature. And to top things off, their film literally ends with a bang :)