a serendipitous song choice & the art of dropping jaws | lauren + michael

There is a really neat story behind this film, and we didn't even know it until we delivered it to the bride and groom. Typically, when we score our films, we choose songs from independent artists that we can license. We try to choose a song that best fits the tone of the edit and works in communicating the story. We had no idea how spot on we were for choosing the song for this film, but you can see from the words of the bride herself below, that we made a killer choice :)  

“I have to tell you - it’s kind of uncanny that you used “Lovely Tonight.” I’m a HUGE Joshua Radin fan, and in fact that song is really special to me. Early in our relationship, Mike and I had music playing - not sure what we were doing, but this song came on and he started dancing with me.

”It’s kind of a silly thing, but something that’s stayed with me through our relationship. I actually wanted to walk down the aisle to that song, but we couldn’t find the sheet music anywhere. When I heard the song play during the video I turned to Mike and my jaw dropped :)”