what's the WOD | jason + adrianne

Our filmmaking has taken us to stunning places, has allowed us to meet fantastic people, and ultimately experience some really beautiful moments.  Whether it was California, New York, Aruba, Cancun, Italy, Kenya, or even Haiti, one thing would remain the same—there was always a good story to tell. Jason and Adrianne flew us out a few days early to spend time hanging with them and their guests in Cancun. For us, we really prefer to arrive early because not only does it give us a chance to find our bearings, but it also lets us get a sense of the personalities, energy, and overall vibe of what we can expect as the big day approaches. It also allows us to film anything that may highlight or showcase the couple's interests.

Multi-day weddings are loads of fun because they provide an opportunity to spend time with people. In this case, some of that time was spent doing a custom WOD [Workout of the Day], led by the brother of the groom. The gritty physical exertion actually wasn't out of the ordinary for Jason and Adrianne, or their bridal party—many of them are regulars at the same CrossFit gym in Chicago!

Had we not been keen on coming in early and just treated their wedding as a self-contained day, rather than a story that spans several days, we could have missed out on some key moments that really make this piece amazing.

What we have now is a film with a tropical setting, an intense beach workout, killer dance moves, and some whiz-bang camera work. But more than anything, what we have here is a very, very lovely story.