fill the pages | tricia + elliot

We often talk about our creative process and how a major component involves taking the time to get to know our couples. To us, the only way to personalize a wedding film and take it beyond a simple recap of the day, is to dig a little deeper, and learn about the people whose story we are telling. It's a simple thing when you think about it, but it makes all the difference.


With Tricia and Elliot's wedding film, we captured an incredible amount of stories throughout the day—some were funny, some were emotional—but all of those stories were preceded by years of backstory. We might have missed out on the weight of those moments entirely, had we not taken the time to listen to Tricia and Elliot share about their experiences through their six-and-a-half year journey together.

For instance, the morning ride on the river that Elliot takes with his best man could easily look like a groom trying to blow off steam before his wedding. What we can't see are the years and years of weekends spent taking the boat out, playing Frank Sinatra, and grabbing breakfast. Now all of sudden, that montage has much more depth to it.

And so, what we have in their film are little hidden nuggets of meaning embedded in the images. While not incredibly obvious, these "Easter Eggs," if you will, convey meaning to the couple, and ultimately tell a stronger, deeper story. No worries, we'll let you in on a few.

Tricia laughing during Elliot's thank you speech—which was the result of a lost bet between the two of them—has special meaning because in Tricia's words, anyone that knows her also knows that she's generally the more outspoken one between them and she's never without the last word. And when a groom tells us before his wedding day that "seeing her walk down the aisle will be the greatest moment of my life," we know it will be incredibly special for him.

Moments of interaction between family members are nods to what we learned about their relationships in our pre-wedding conversation. A bouquet isn't just a bouquet and "Love in the Time of Cholera" isn't just good leisure reading—there is more to it than what you see.

We won't set out to explain everything in this film, because honestly, there is just so much to tell. Besides, it's all the more enjoyable just knowing that there is a deeper layer of meaning just underneath the surface.