click | jay + sarah

As Jay begins reciting his vows to his bride-to-be, he pauses for a brief moment, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out an invisible object. As he gestures to Sarah, she beams back and strikes a quick "Olive Oil" pose. Jay presses down his finger. CLICK. With the push of an imaginary button, they have added another snapshot to their collection of memories and milestones from their life.


Despite the influx of family and friends from all over the world, the whirlwind excitement of the day, and the celebration that came along with combining their two cultures together, what we appreciated about Jay and Sarah is that they managed to find moments to slow down, pause, and simply enjoy.

Even when we found ourselves out in the frigid air along a riverside dock, they didn't leave without taking the time to reflect on their journey. Jay and Sarah started out as friends, hanging out alongside that very dock. Beginning their day at "the scene of the crime,"  so to speak, would serve as a backdrop to the celebration awaiting them.

Of course there was dancing [both indoor and outdoor], a variety of vibrant and rich traditions, bow tie shenanigans, and even some broken Dandiya sticks—surely, all perfect candidates for snapshot worthy moments. But throughout the day and into the night, it was a joy to see Jay and Sarah whip out their "camera" and click away, celebrating moments all their own, and adding to their growing collection of memories.