familiar differences | susan + dennis

A wedding day is an interesting thing. Unless you're used to having attention lavished upon you, or countless eyes watching you throughout the day, it can all be a bit surreal. Granted some of us don't shy away from sharing the details of our relationships with friends [and in some cases, absolute strangers], there are some of us who like to keep our cards close to the chest. Susan and Dennis tend to fall in the latter. When we met with them early on, they told us that theirs was a personal kind of love—not very outward, even with those closest to them. At the same time, they were ready to embrace the day, and present that very personal side of themselves in front of everyone.

We've been told that we do a great job being "everywhere but nowhere." That somehow, we manage to tell a wonderful, heartfelt story without being intrusive. And that's precisely what we do—we melt into the background and capture things as they unfold, allowing our couples to simply be themselves. And so, whether it's Susan creating a handmade card from scratch, the gift of a commissioned painting of the island where Dennis proposed, or a simple, knowing look exchanged by the two as their letters were being read by their officiant, everything remains as a genuine expression of their personal love.