the heart to follow | julie + marcus

Often times, because of distance and travel schedules, flesh-and-blood face time is replaced by its Apple approved counterpart and we must conduct our getting-to-know-you sessions over digital means. While we never had the chance to meet Julie and Marcus in person before their wedding day, we didn't let that prevent us from getting to know them beforehand. As we settled into our chairs and huddled over the phone, it wasn't long before we got a sense of the warmth and hospitality of our soon-to-be hosts. It certainly helped that Julie and Marcus appreciated a good conversation and considered themselves equally "words-y" people.


Our suspicions about Julie and Marcus were confirmed when, on their wedding day, upon exchanges of hugs and handshakes, the first thing they asked us was if we needed anything. I understand it's common courtesy to ask, but it was the way they asked, how they asked that was really, quite striking. As the day unfolded and we filmed along, it was remarkable to see how much they cared about everyone. It's no wonder these two are so well loved. And that's precisely what we hope to communicate through their wedding film—their giving, self-sacrificial, genuine hearts.