lead you to ground | linda + ben

From custom-made Michael Jackson socks to a dazzling fireworks display over Chicago's skyline, there was certainly no shortage of visuals to capture on Linda and Ben's wedding day. And while there was a certain grand quality about things [the entire day taking place at the Trump International Hotel & Tower], there was also a very intimate quality as well.

Achieving a "big small" vibe is no easy feat. It would have been a simple task to rely on the aesthetics of the day to carry the story, but to us, the people are the pulse of the film. We find our story as Linda gives a meaningful bouquet to her bridesmaid or when Ben shares with his best man about his proposal along the streets of Paris. We find it in the hand-stitched sequins MJ socks gifted to Ben or during the exchange of their personal vows. And while the fireworks and the sky scraping towers may be impressive, they cannot hold a candle to the people.