smart enough dumb enough | elizabeth + philippe

Salvage One is a 60,000 square foot antique store/warehouse with four floors worth of salvaged items. On the main floor you'll find display cases full of decorative knobs, a ceiling lined with all types of vintage chandleries, statues donning shutter shades, and a back room lined with rolls of film cascading from ceiling to wall. Things only get more eclectic as you make your way up the stairs. Pinball machines sit next to stained glass windows, and there's even a library full of romance novels organized by color spectrum, adding to the collective edgy-fun feel of the space. Stopping through Salvage One to pick up a decorative item is one thing, but using it as a wedding venue is something else entirely—and that should let you know exactly how Elizabeth and Philippe roll.

Simply put: Elizabeth and Philippe are fun people who like to surround themselves with fun people, and their wedding day was every bit a celebration. And while some may not be able to handle mismatched tables and chairs or sitting in church pews next to hanging door frames, these two, true to every bit of  who they are, wholeheartedly embraced the space and had an incredible time doing so.