aloha wau ia 'oe | brandon + jennifer

It’s no secret that we’re fans of destination weddings around here. We’ve traveled the world far and wide to film all kinds of stories, but there is something special that happens during a destination wedding.  Beyond the sights, sounds, and general beauty of the location we find ourselves in, there is a heightened sense of community as a smaller group of loved ones gather to support the bride and groom. Since guests typically arrive a few days in advance, there is also a growing feeling of anticipation and celebration leading up to the big day. Brandon and Jennifer's wedding in Hawaii was no exception. We first met Brandon back when we were filming Julie and Marcus's wedding in Chicago. If you remember Julie and Marcus from an earlier blog post, we mentioned that they were some of the most genuine and kind-hearted people we've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  They say good people keep good company, and that was certainly true of Brandon. In the short time we got to know him as a guest at that wedding, we had nothing but good vibes and crossed our fingers with the hopes that we would be able to tell a great story for him in the near future.

The fates aligned, and we were soon in Chicago-to-Korea Skype sessions with Brandon and his equally awesome counterpart, Jennifer. In a few months time, we would find ourselves sitting down with them over a pre-wedding udon lunch off the shores of Waikiki talking about their journey, faith, family, and what items they would put in magical bags (we never did finish that list, guys!).

We had an incredible time celebrating with Brandon and Jennifer. What was true from the destination weddings we've shot in the past was also true for them—the overwhelming feeling of anticipation, celebration, and sense of community abounded—and the sights, sounds, and beauty of Hawaii were simply an added bonus.