God In This | Gretchen + Ron

Creating a Same Day Edit is both challenging and incredibly rewarding. There is a finite amount of time we have to not only capture the day, but to finish the film to be shown at the reception. The continuous cycle of shooting and editing definitely adds a certain amount of pressure, especially on a day where every minute counts. The reward, however, far exceeds the labor we put into the day. While the bride and groom along with their friends and family watch the screen and see their story play out, our eyes are on them. Their smiles, tears, laughter and cheers are affirmation that we were able to capture their journey and communicate their story in a meaningful and powerful way.

For Gretchen and Ron, a "journey" is exactly what we wanted to communicate. From Guam to Chicago, to Las Vegas and back to the Windy City, their relationship has spanned many miles over the years. The support from their community, love from their families, and their faith in God are what carried them through and it all came to a head on their wedding day.

You'll have to take our word for it—the laughter and tears continued well past the viewing of their SDE. Experiencing their genuine joy and playing a part in communicating their journey made every minute of work well worth it.