corn dogs & lemon shakeups | shayla + kyle

There’s a certain charm to be found out in the country that can't be found in the hustle and bustle of city lights. This rustic, tranquil, handcrafted feel has no doubt been a trend sought after by many couples looking to bring a slice of a “down home” vibe to their wedding day. For Shayla and Kyle, hosting their wedding on a farm had far more significance than having a nice DIY look—the farm belonged to Shayla’s family, and it truly was home.

Before the big day, Shayla and her father (along with the help of some family friends) spent time getting Meece Farms in order. Chairs were set, the lawn manicured, the hand-made pergola was assembled, and the dogs did their job by trotting alongside the action. All of the preparation culminated with the arrival of an unassuming yellow truck with the words “Pronto Pup” written on its side.

As if having the wedding on her family farm didn’t carry enough significance, Shayla decided to go the extra mile and bring in the big guns—corn dogs and lemon shakeups—to surprise Kyle with a reminder of when their journey started many years ago. We’ll spare the details as it’s probably best that you experience the story yourself.