oh my stars | randy + allison

A gift, while designed to bring joy to a recipient, will often tell you a lot about the giver. In Allison and Randy’s case, the gifts they exchanged on their wedding day tell us about two best friends, a long journey of faith, and stars aligning on their behalf.

Before we get to the gifts, it's worth noting that there was certainly no shortage of details on Randy and Allison's big day. Straight razor shaves, coffee brewed in mad-scientist-esque beakers, tattoos, and vintage-inspired DIY decor peppering the artist loft where their ceremony and reception took place—it was a buffet of personal touches.

Despite all the details of the day, it was Randy and Allison's gift exchange that provided the heart beat for their film. Sure, their gifts to each other were great, but it was why they gave each other these gifts that told us everything we needed to know about their relationship. Randy and Allison both reached back into early memories of days gone by; they reached back into moments long before marriage was even on the table. It was this reaching, this thoughtfulness about each other that helped us understand where they've been and what they were looking forward to in the future.

Randy's gift to Allison was a custom designed, floral-inspired ring. While the explaination isn't covered in their film, Randy's inspiration for this gift stems all the way back to their first fight as a couple—or rather, all the way back to his first blunder as a boyfriend. Allison's gift to Randy was all about his love for music and was an homage to one of their first concerts together [where Allison got to witness Randy's fanboyism first hand]. And while each of their gifts had a reflective component, they also held promises for the future.

And with that, we leave you to their film. Enjoy the details, the gifts, the journey, and the special cameo too :]