click | jay + sarah

As Jay begins reciting his vows to his bride-to-be, he pauses for a brief moment, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out an invisible object. As he gestures to Sarah, she beams back and strikes a quick "Olive Oil" pose. Jay presses down his finger. CLICK. With the push of an imaginary button, they have added another snapshot to their collection of memories and milestones from their life.


Despite the influx of family and friends from all over the world, the whirlwind excitement of the day, and the celebration that came along with combining their two cultures together, what we appreciated about Jay and Sarah is that they managed to find moments to slow down, pause, and simply enjoy.

Even when we found ourselves out in the frigid air along a riverside dock, they didn't leave without taking the time to reflect on their journey. Jay and Sarah started out as friends, hanging out alongside that very dock. Beginning their day at "the scene of the crime,"  so to speak, would serve as a backdrop to the celebration awaiting them.

Of course there was dancing [both indoor and outdoor], a variety of vibrant and rich traditions, bow tie shenanigans, and even some broken Dandiya sticks—surely, all perfect candidates for snapshot worthy moments. But throughout the day and into the night, it was a joy to see Jay and Sarah whip out their "camera" and click away, celebrating moments all their own, and adding to their growing collection of memories.

fill the pages | tricia + elliot

We often talk about our creative process and how a major component involves taking the time to get to know our couples. To us, the only way to personalize a wedding film and take it beyond a simple recap of the day, is to dig a little deeper, and learn about the people whose story we are telling. It's a simple thing when you think about it, but it makes all the difference.


With Tricia and Elliot's wedding film, we captured an incredible amount of stories throughout the day—some were funny, some were emotional—but all of those stories were preceded by years of backstory. We might have missed out on the weight of those moments entirely, had we not taken the time to listen to Tricia and Elliot share about their experiences through their six-and-a-half year journey together.

For instance, the morning ride on the river that Elliot takes with his best man could easily look like a groom trying to blow off steam before his wedding. What we can't see are the years and years of weekends spent taking the boat out, playing Frank Sinatra, and grabbing breakfast. Now all of sudden, that montage has much more depth to it.

And so, what we have in their film are little hidden nuggets of meaning embedded in the images. While not incredibly obvious, these "Easter Eggs," if you will, convey meaning to the couple, and ultimately tell a stronger, deeper story. No worries, we'll let you in on a few.

Tricia laughing during Elliot's thank you speech—which was the result of a lost bet between the two of them—has special meaning because in Tricia's words, anyone that knows her also knows that she's generally the more outspoken one between them and she's never without the last word. And when a groom tells us before his wedding day that "seeing her walk down the aisle will be the greatest moment of my life," we know it will be incredibly special for him.

Moments of interaction between family members are nods to what we learned about their relationships in our pre-wedding conversation. A bouquet isn't just a bouquet and "Love in the Time of Cholera" isn't just good leisure reading—there is more to it than what you see.

We won't set out to explain everything in this film, because honestly, there is just so much to tell. Besides, it's all the more enjoyable just knowing that there is a deeper layer of meaning just underneath the surface.

what's the WOD | jason + adrianne

Our filmmaking has taken us to stunning places, has allowed us to meet fantastic people, and ultimately experience some really beautiful moments.  Whether it was California, New York, Aruba, Cancun, Italy, Kenya, or even Haiti, one thing would remain the same—there was always a good story to tell. Jason and Adrianne flew us out a few days early to spend time hanging with them and their guests in Cancun. For us, we really prefer to arrive early because not only does it give us a chance to find our bearings, but it also lets us get a sense of the personalities, energy, and overall vibe of what we can expect as the big day approaches. It also allows us to film anything that may highlight or showcase the couple's interests.

Multi-day weddings are loads of fun because they provide an opportunity to spend time with people. In this case, some of that time was spent doing a custom WOD [Workout of the Day], led by the brother of the groom. The gritty physical exertion actually wasn't out of the ordinary for Jason and Adrianne, or their bridal party—many of them are regulars at the same CrossFit gym in Chicago!

Had we not been keen on coming in early and just treated their wedding as a self-contained day, rather than a story that spans several days, we could have missed out on some key moments that really make this piece amazing.

What we have now is a film with a tropical setting, an intense beach workout, killer dance moves, and some whiz-bang camera work. But more than anything, what we have here is a very, very lovely story.

the red thread | mai + eric

In this piece, we find ourselves in the courtyard of a nature museum in the middle of the city of Chicago, with a film that features a story within a story, and it revolves around a single strand of thread. What we loved about this wedding were the lengths that Mai and Eric went to to really make their day incredibly personal. They brought us right into their world, and let us live in it and enjoy it. And after spending time with them there, we couldn't help but root for these two.

As we're sharing these stories with you, we hope you're beginning to see what we see—that the wedding films we are creating aren't really about a wedding. To us, it's the people and their personal interactions that make these stories special.

And so, we invite you into their world just as we were invited, to enjoy the story of "The Red Thread."

right then i knew | megan + boaz

We packed our bags, loaded our gear, and hit the skies a few weeks back to do some work in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Alas, the view of the bright lights and the GWB from the plane window would be the closest we would get to the city that doesn't sleep. After a late night landing, we made the hour-and-half drive out of The City to the quaint town of Sayville.  

The charm of Sayville proved to be a reprieve from the hustle and bustle an hour-and-half away. Complete with a quaint downtown filled with independently owned shops, a harbor buzzing with the noise of sleeping boats and resting seagulls, and a picturesque view of the water, all proved to be the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

But the charm wasn't just resting with the town. It was also found in Megan and Boaz's handwritten, personal vows. It was found in the storybook that Boaz gave Megan as a gift.  It was found in the the joy of their family and friends as they witnessed Megan and Boaz tie the knot.

As the celebration continued into the evening, we locked ourselves in our hotel room. Armed with caffeine and sugary snacks that our wives surely would not approve of, we labored on, editing the day's footage to create a Next Day Edit to be shown at the bride and groom's second reception the following day. The result of which, is their wedding film below, filled to the brim with all the charm that the concrete jungle couldn't offer.

i steal your fries. my card is better. | heather + michael

This wedding we filmed at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago features one of the most creative first look moments we've filmed to date. There's a great little backstory behind it that didn't make the edit, but it does exist in subtle cuts and frames throughout the piece. But rather than divulge the details here, we thought it would be more fun to keep the suspense as to why Heather and Michael's helium filled props don't exactly match :]  

Their first look, which bookends the piece, is a reflection of Heather and Michael's personalities—quirky, creative, a tad competitive, and humorously candid.  We invite you, as they invited us, into their day to enjoy handwritten vows, competitive gift exchanges, stolen fries, and mismatching balloons.

a serendipitous song choice & the art of dropping jaws | lauren + michael

There is a really neat story behind this film, and we didn't even know it until we delivered it to the bride and groom. Typically, when we score our films, we choose songs from independent artists that we can license. We try to choose a song that best fits the tone of the edit and works in communicating the story. We had no idea how spot on we were for choosing the song for this film, but you can see from the words of the bride herself below, that we made a killer choice :)  

“I have to tell you - it’s kind of uncanny that you used “Lovely Tonight.” I’m a HUGE Joshua Radin fan, and in fact that song is really special to me. Early in our relationship, Mike and I had music playing - not sure what we were doing, but this song came on and he started dancing with me.

”It’s kind of a silly thing, but something that’s stayed with me through our relationship. I actually wanted to walk down the aisle to that song, but we couldn’t find the sheet music anywhere. When I heard the song play during the video I turned to Mike and my jaw dropped :)”

the butthead & the elegant fireball | gene + stephanie

Pet names are commonly chosen to express fondness or familiarity with one's significant other. Of course we've heard many of these names before—sweetie, honey, baby, love,—and we may have used some of them ourselves. While I'm almost absolutely certain that "butthead" and "elegant fireball" are not on the commonly used pet name list [yes, such a list exists], that doesn't mean that folks in love won't use them.  

Gene and Stephanie let us into their lives, sharing their hopes and dreams, their love of sports and drive for competition,  and the pet names they hold so near and dear. From warrior poses and the first swing of a golf club, to the big dance finish and the crackling of fireworks on the horizon—we combined all of the story and subtext into one beautiful Same Day Edit.