Our team is passionate about telling stories and we don’t mind going against the grain. We believe in simplicity over complexity, substance over trends, that cinematic isn’t synonymous with cliché, and ultimately that less is more. There’s a simplicity and honesty to our films. We shy away from heavy-handed techniques because we want the nuances of your day to shine through. After all, there’s enough personality and compelling stories on your day for it to speak for itself. We don't want to just tell a story. We want to tell your story.

Although we’ve been talking about ourselves quite a bit now, your big day won’t be about us. We like to keep things classy and tasteful, which means keeping a small footprint and melting into the background when we need to. We’re everywhere we need to be and nowhere we don’t so that you can focus on the things that matter.


“You go way over and beyond the job itself, to get to know each and every couple like we’re your longtime friends, to make us feel so comfortable and beautiful and special on our big days, to do whatever it takes to capture the unique essence of who we are and then spending countless hours thereafter weaving it into one amazing story that can be treasured forever.”
“We were so impressed when they set aside several hours to chat with us on a personal level to learn more about who we are and what made us happy. On the wedding day, they knew just what to say to us to calm us down. They directed us when necessary, but melted into the background during the important moments.”
“You guys were awesome to work with, and just the nicest, most genuine, humble and cool-as-cucumber guys in the biz...and I am so glad to have met you! I felt like we were friends, even though it was the first time we had physically met, and even after that 1.5 hour convo with you, we knew this was the best decision we had made hiring you guys. :)))”