“You have a rare gift of seeing and capturing the subtleties of each story, highlighting the beauty that is unique to their subjects and bringing the viewer into the emotion of the day. A lot of couples reminisce about their wedding and look back at the things from that day—the bride’s dress, or maybe the program from the ceremony. We know for certain that 50 years from now when we think back to our wedding, our incredible videos from you are going to be one of the things we cherish most.”
“Thank you. Thank you for pouring your unparalleled talent into a beautiful piece of art that captured moments that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. As we continually watch it over and over again, we notice and appreciate something new EVERYTIME.”
“LOVE LOVE LOVE the masterpiece, we have now watched it several times. Such a wonderful memory for our families, ourselves and our future kiddos :)”
“Prior to our wedding, we thought that having video footage would be a nice bonus. After working with you, our first piece of advice to brides and grooms is that a video of your wedding day is the most important thing to make room for in your budget. We cannot overstate how much our wedding video means to us, or how many dozen times we’ve watched it and felt the same butterflies we did that day.”
“They truly are the complete package with professionalism, creative genius, precise attention to detail, and great personalities to match!”
“I just wanted to let you know just how THANKFUL and APPRECIATIVE we are to you guys for ALL the work you did for us at our wedding! Running around everywhere and trying to be at the right place at the right time to get the perfect shot, while managing to stay out of our line of sight and all the while with warm smiles on your faces.”